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A Primer On Alaska Native Art

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The Native peoples of Alaska fall into three main groups: Indian, Eskimo, and Aleut. Within these groups there are other sub groups as well, such as Koyukon Athabaskan Indian, or Yupik Eskimo. One thing is a given regarding all these diverse people groups, however: all make exquisite art pieces. On this site I would like to aquaint you with some of the arts and crafts of Alaska's native peoples.

The main types of traditional media that Alaska Native artists and crafspeople work in are as follows:

- walrus ivory, caribou or moose antler, whale baleen and bone

- grass and birchbark for basketry

- woods of different types

- furs, hides, feathers and quills.

In addition, many contempoary Native artists incorporate various other media, such as soapstone, metals, and synthetic materials into their work.


Here is a map of Alaska with indigenous groups and modern Native corporations. A little crude, but gives the basic idea anyway.

Information and "Webtour" of Native Alaskan Arts and Crafts